Welcome to Kiddie Car Cover – a unique product which makes everyday life easier for parents, their children and pets. The Kiddie Car Cover a new product that is a simple, easy, quick and inexpensive solution. A magnetic, safe, clear, soft and resilient PVC cover that attaches to your car and keeps you and baby dry in the rain.

A protective clear thick pvc sheet that quickly attaches to the car using small strong covered magnets which don’t damage the car and are easy to attach and remove quickly and then easy to fold to use again and again. Kiddie Car Cover comes with a small carry bag, a tie for the pram or wheelchair and is designed so that the water drips out.

So you invest your hard earned cash on a beautiful pram and car seat to keep your special little one warm and cosy. Now imagine this. Following a relaxing day out with family and friends, you get back to the car and it’s pouring with rain. You have that moment of horror where you lift up the buggy rain cover and see those little faces get wet and cold and their clothes starting to get damp. You know the scene! The car door is open and you are trying to keep yourself dry and balance an umbrella all at the same time. You put your precious cargo into the car seat while you are leaning over them with your back getting drenched. Happy days! I know I’ve been there. And you still have to take off the buggy rain cover – cue wet pram seat. Not forgetting that you now need to collapse the pram and struggle to get it in the boot. All the while getting soaked. No fun is it? Let me tell you, I yearned for a product like this when my sons were small.

Car Cover

Kiddie Car Cover is a quick inexpensive safe solution - keeping you and baby dry in the rain.

Car Cover

Pooch Car Cover it’s great for keeping you and your doggie dry in the car after a muddy/wet walk!

Disabled & Mechanics
Car Cover

Car Cover for car repairs the magnets are strong but covered so do not damage the bonnet for that oil change in the rain!

Special Offer

Take a picture of your Kiddie Car Cover in use / on your car and share it on your social media along with the hashtag #kiddiecarcover or write a review and email it to us for your chance to win a free Kiddie Car Cover. Terms & Conditions apply.

Customer Service

We are a British brand that relies on exceptional customer service, relying on our happy customers to spread the word.

Customer service is paramount to us and always going the extra mile.

If you ever have an issue you can email me at info@kiddiecarcover.com

Feel free to contact me, even just to say hello.

Customer Testimonials

I am a new mum of twins, so you can imagine the struggle in the rain! I trialled Kiddie Car Cover, brilliant product – dry twins and happy mummy! Thanks Amanda, can I have one for my mum to use when I go back to work.


I am a mum of 4 boys and a (young!) Nan. Amanda asked me to trial the Kiddie Car Cover, it’s easy to use, quick, kept me and my grandson dry.



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