Author: Amanda Callagher

Leading The Way in Environmentally Friendly Products

When Amanda Callagher came up with the idea of Kiddie Car Cover one thing she wanted to ensure was that it was made from biodegradable materials. Not only was she concerned about the impact on the environment but her own personal interest and passion in this area led her on a journey of discovery.

Most plastic products have an element of phthalates which is a material that although biodegradable can only be disposed of under certain conditions. Not only is this not an environmentally friendly material but also, there are studies currently being done looking at the impact it can have on children, in particular causing a higher risk of developing asthma.

Even though there is no hard evidence, yet, this was enough for Amanda to rule out any use of phthalates in her own product. Through a small amount of research she discovered a number of children’s toys and products used in every day life have an element of this material therefore potentially putting the health of the individual at risk.

Kiddie Car Cover is made from a PVC material that is 100% free of any phthalates but still maintains the durability and protection promised when purchasing this product. It is key to make sure any products we are using that come into contact with our loved ones are risk free and this is at the heart of how Amanda developed this product!