My Story

How it came about

The Kiddie Car Cover is designed by me Amanda Callagher, a mother of 2 wonderful boys, and is made in England and China.

I had the idea for Kiddie Car Cover 17 years ago when I was trying to put my new baby son in the car seat from his pram, it was pouring with rain and we both got soaked. I had lots of ideas and typically life took over and I did nothing about it. Then 4 years ago I was helping my elderly grandmother into the car after Fireworks Night, it was cold and wet and I also had to put her wheelchair in the boot with us both ending up drenched.

I started to think again what I could do and came up with a protective clear thick recyclable PVC sheet that quickly attaches to the car using small strong covered magnets which don’t damage the car and are easy to attach and remove quickly and then easy to fold (screw up in my car!) throw into the footwell to use again and again.

Kiddie Car Cover comes with a small carry bag, a tie for the pram or wheelchair and is designed so that the water drips out. It is made of PVC and recyclable and has been assessed to meet high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements.