Pooch Car Cover


Pooch Car Cover – PVC Car Cover with RoHS Compliant Magnets.

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PVC Car Cover with RoHS Compliant Magnets
100% Phthalate free
Size: 120cm x 170cm long
Weight approx: 400grams
Clear with Orange Logo
CE Marking
Kiddie Car Cover has been assessed to meet high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements.

Magnets are tested and safe for the worldwide market
Keep away from children while drying off, danger of suffocation
PVC 100% Phthalate free
PVC is recyclable

Care for the Kiddie Car Cover
Don’t forget to let it dry properly – so open it out like you would an umbrella at home, but take care with little ones as its plastic – all the creases fall out and it folds small to put back in the bag!

Not suitable for Aluminium Cars – sadly aluminium car panels are not magnetic! Audi A8, R8, new TT, new Range Rover, the Porsche Panamera, 981 Boxster and Cayenne, some new BMWs, and the Jaguar XJ. If you aren’t sure then please confirm with your car’s manufacturer before you order.